Tithing: Gateway Baptist Church fills a truck with clothing for the working poor

For most people, tithing means giving 10% of their financial means to others in need. But tithing really comes from the idea that all we own is God’s and we are only the stewards. Tithing is an idea full of grace, generosity and love. All we own. Most of us frankly, have too much STUFF. We buy new STUFF. We keep old STUFF – sometimes we even fill up storage lockers with STUFF. And we do this even though we know our neighbors are in need. If we knew what our neighbors needed, we would surely give. But since we don’t know them personally, we keep our STUFF – just in case.

All we own. How many coats do you have? How many pairs of shoes? Shirts? Suits? Blankets? How many chairs, matresses, towels? Can we think about tithing not only with our financial treasure, but also with our treasured STUFF?

Gateway Baptist Church did just that. In addition to a generous special donation during the holiday season, they organized a day of giving to share their STUFF with the working poor.

On Sunday, January 19, the congregation of Gateway Baptist filled a U-Haul truck with clothes and shoes and coats and blankets and sheets. Those gifts will be given to people living in poverty, people from Midlands who do not have money to buy the things they need. Those gifts will help a family stay on budget, get clothes for a new job, and make sure their children have school clothes that fit. Those gifts will help furnish a home for someone moving from homelessness to stability. Those gifts will help the working poor maintain a stable life even though they are going through downsizing. Those gifts show our community that we understand God’s directive that we are stewards and we have a responsibility to share.

You do not have to go across the ocean to find people in need. They live in our communities. The Cooperative Ministry sees those in need every day. Please help us help others out of crisis. You can show God’s love by donating your money, your time, your car and your STUFF to the Ministry. We exist because you care. Thank you!



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