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Tools to improve
financial well-being

The Financial Empowerment Program helps people in our community earning low incomes.

Working-age adults, who receive financial assistance from The Cooperative Ministry, have histories of stable employment and housing, and show interest in self-improvement will be invited to complete the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's (CFPB) Financial Well-Being Questionnaire to establish participation in the Financial Empowerment Program.

The program will match participants with a Financial Health Coach certified by the National Association of Certified Credit Counselors. 

Coaches will offer education and training in weekly sessions for up to six months to help participants:

·     Determine barriers to financial security

·     Identify financial goals

·     Create and execute a spending plan

·     Understand and improve their credit scores

·     Begin an emergency savings plan

Participants will receive continued assistance in the form of credits, which can be redeemed upon successful completion of the program. Credits can then be applied to utility bills, rent, or mortgage payments, or placed in an emergency savings fund.



To increase the economic self-sufficiency of people experiencing poverty in the Midlands through crisis assistance and sustainability programs.