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Tools to improve
financial well-being

The Cooperative Ministry's mission is to increase the economic self-sufficiency of individuals. That means we want to help you create a household spending plan where income is greater than expenses. We use certified financial coaches to work with clients toward becoming self-sufficient.


When you contact The Cooperative Ministry for rent, mortgage, or utility assistance, the first step is completing the application to meet with a financial coach (please use the button at the bottom of this page).

From this application, we will determine if you qualify for an appointment with one of our coaches. You are more likely to qualify if your application shows the following:

  • Your monthly income can be verified from pay stubs, benefit summaries, bank statements, employment offer letters, or other written sources.

  • Your monthly income is greater than your monthly expenses for rent or mortgage plus utilities.

  • Your monthly payments for basic expenses such as rent, mortgage, or utilities are not more than 30 days past due.

As you create your spending plan with specific goals, your financial coach will determine which of our services - maybe all of them - best helps you become self-sufficient. Services include:

  • Career Improvement - helping pay for education to get a better job.

  • Financial Assistance - getting caught up on your rent, mortgage, or utility bills while you work on specific goals.

  • Free Clothing

  • Free Food

  • Insurance Counseling

  • Free income tax preparation services through our Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program.

But wait, there's more

Your spending plan will include financial goals, action steps for you to take, and a timeline for completion - all aimed at self-sufficiency.

Creating the plan may require regular meetings to review the process. Your coach may determine that additional financial assistance is needed while you work on the plan and its goals.


Past participants have created plans that:

  • Provide recovery from a temporary financial setback involving past-due rent, mortgage, or utility bills 

  • Pay exam fees for professional licenses or certifications 

  • Pay GED testing fees 

  • Pay expungement costs 

  • Fund savings accounts 

  • Increase credit scores 

  • Pre-pay funeral expenses 

  • Qualify for lower interest rates on major purchases 

  • Reduce debt from unsecured loans and credit cards 

  • Buy a home 

Ready to get started? Click the button below.

If this isn't for you, we recommend you contact 2-1-1 for a database of other service providers.

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To increase the economic self-sufficiency of people experiencing poverty in the Midlands through crisis assistance and sustainability programs.

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