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Please read below.

These are the first six steps to financial assistance qualification.


Financial Assistance for Rent / Mortgage or Utilities

The Cooperative Ministry focuses on helping people recover and thrive when challenged by a temporary financial setback. Help is provided through our financial health and empowerment services, which include personalized coaching on money matters.

Our financial assistance process generally requires more than one visit. Consequently, we strongly recommend you apply for help at the earliest sign that you are having trouble paying your bills on time. We are much less likely to be able to assist you if you are more than $1,500 behind on your rent, mortgage, or utilities.

Appointments for financial assistance are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that an appointment does not guarantee that you will receive financial assistance.


You must be a resident of Richland County, SC.


You must provide evidence

of income

from employment

or another source.


You are responsible

for paying rent, mortgage,


utilities at your address


Show evidence of temporary hardship.


Show readiness to improve your financial well-being

Next, READ and make sure you UNDERSTAND the following.

Our application and interview include questions regarding your income, expenses, and other assistance that you have received or requested. All information that you provide to us is subject to verification. Being less than truthful will prevent you from receiving financial assistance.


Meeting with a counselor doesn’t mean you will receive financial assistance.


Please print or copy the following documents;
any missing items will require follow-up before your request can be considered.

  1. Picture ID of the person applying for financial assistance.

  2. Social Security documentation for all household members:

    1. Social Security (SS) card, or

    2. Documentation from the SS Administration, or

    3. W2 form or paystub from an employer with complete SS number, or

    4. W7, Application for ITIN

  3. Verification of household income over the past 30 days for all residents, including earned and unearned income. If applicable:

    1. Paystubs received by all household members

    2. Unemployment benefits

    3. Social Security or SSI benefits

    4. VA Benefits

    5. Retirement pension

    6. Child support

    7. Disability payments

    8. Income from any other source

  4. Current month utility statement (Name and address must match lease)

  5. An eviction notice from a magistrate (if applicable)

  6. Rental lease to verify your residence


If you receive assistance, the payment goes to a landlord or utility company.


If approved, it can take up to 5-7 business days for a payment to arrive.


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for Financial Assistance



To increase the economic self-sufficiency of people experiencing poverty in the Midlands through crisis assistance and sustainability programs.