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A family makes tough decisions to meet goals

Many of our clients are referred by a church, partnering agency, or another non-profit. That is how I met Vanessa and Michael. This couple was referred by another organization, working to help them with the best course of action to meet their need.

Vanessa and Michael had used all their savings and all their retirement funds to stay current with bills and obligations. Vanessa had been laid off from work because of the pandemic. She worked as a waitress and was told her job would not likely return to normal hours very soon. Michael was and is working full-time, but the family required both full-time incomes to make ends meet.

Through the support of our partnering churches, The Cooperative Ministry was able to help this family with its rent. Over several days, I also helped them face the reality of their new situation and what the new normal required of them. I am grateful Vanessa and Michael were willing to struggle to make the significant and painful budget and lifestyle decisions that were needed. I am grateful that The Cooperative Ministry undertakes this type of ministry, and so are many of our clients and partners. In the long run, it is much more helpful than a handout.

~ Bill Taber, Director, Crisis Assistance

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