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Mike was heartbroken; we listened and helped

Mike came in needing so much, and he was heartbroken.

Mike’s wife, Celeste, died in May, and he was grieving. He was so humble, soft-spoken, and unassuming that it was difficult to hear the heartbreak and desperation deep within him. Beyond the grief, Mike needed help with his rent.

When Celeste died, Mike received the customary $250 death benefit, but he could no longer count on Celeste’s Social Security income. At 72, he had to adjust to living on his meager income while paying $702 in rent. We provided the rental assistance that Mike needed. Mike’s landlord stepped up, too, providing a written note that he would forego all late fees and would work with Mike going forward.

Perhaps our biggest help came just by listening to Mike. He talked about Celeste, how much he missed her, his grief, and the confusion about his future. We gave him our prayers on your behalf. When he left The Cooperative Ministry, the pain was still very present, but he left knowing that others cared about him. We assured him that you cared as well. Your gifts and support have proven it over and over again.

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