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There's no doubt that Jeremy is going to make it

Jeremy is 24 years old and has already carried more on his shoulders than many will ever face.

When Jeremy was nine, he lost his dad. By the time he was 17, his mother had also died, leaving him and his five younger siblings in the foster care system. By 20, Jeremy had his first apartment and was able to reunite his family.

Jeremy and his siblings scraped by on Social Security’s survivor benefits and food stamps. He also had a job at a local bridal shop until COVID-19 forced it to close. Jeremy then went to work as a temporary employee at Federal Express but ultimately was laid off from that job. When he reached out to The Cooperative Ministry, Jeremy had yet another job but was behind on his financial obligations. I was impressed because though his task was daunting, his love and determination had led him to persevere for his family. Now he needed a little more help.

Thanks to a generous, anonymous donor, we were able to jump-start Jeremy’s financial future and get him back on the road to sustainability. There’s no doubt that given God’s grace and Jeremy’s character that he will make it. We were glad to be a small part of his journey.

~ Bill Taber, Director, Crisis Assistance

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